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Prep Cook Needed For 4 Star Hotel/Restaurant buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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The Prep Cook works under the command and supervision of a senior member of the kitchen staff. The Prep Cook is an entry-level position that involves a good deal of on-the-job training. Although a lower-level position, the Prep Cook is an integral member of the kitchen staff. The Prep Cook's role is to assist in the preparation of meals by chopping vegetables, making salads, and assembling entrees. Although this role generally does not include any cooking duties, it provides the ideal opportunity to develop many other types of skills essential to becoming a chef. Such skills include proficiently being able to utilize a wide range of kitchen tools and utensils, include chopping knives and vegetable grinders. In addition to food preparation duties, the prep cook may also be responsible for many other tasks such as proper storage of leftover food and kitchen maintenance tasks (e.g., emptying trash, washing dishes, and testing food temperature). On occasion the Prep Cook may also have to prepare tables and deliver dishes to dining patrons. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist